Parking Priority Groups

Access to parking for QEIIMC Staff will be equitable and applied in a fair and transparent manner. In the circumstance that the total number of parking bays is less than the total demand for parking, access to parking will be restricted on the basis of priority of needs.

If you have any questions about an unsuccessful parking application, please email the Parking Department:

More information can be found in the QEIIMC Trust Priority Parking Policy here.

Priority Group 1

Priority Group 1 parking permit holders will have access to specified Staff parking
areas in the QEIIMC parking precinct.

  • Staff whose regular rostered shifts require them to start before 7:00am and/or finish after 6:30pm
  • On-call Staff
  • Medical Consultants
  • Staff ACROD permit holders
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Volunteers

Priority Group 2

Group 2 parking permits will have access to specified staff parking areas in the QEIIMC parking precinct.

  • Green Commuters and Car Poolers
  • Staff with demonstrated primary carer needs
  • Staff whose journey to site is not serviced by public transport
  • Staff with a short-term medical condition which affects their mobility

Priority Group 3

Group 3 parking permits will have restricted access to staff parking areas in the QEIIMC parking precinct.

  • Staff who work between 7.00am and 6.30pm

Other Groups

  • Couriers, Delivery, Service and Contractor vehicles
  • Students
  • Motorcycles
  • Patient and Visitor Parking
  • Visitor and Patient ACROD Parking
  • Nursewest
  • Off-Site Meetings

Alternative transport

and parking options

The Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (QEIIMC) Trust who manages parking allocations on the QEIIMC campus does not endorse any QEIIMC staff member or tenant infringing local council Bylaws or soliciting services from private residents that may infringe local council Bylaws.

The QEIIMC is well-serviced by public transport and will retain the same extended bus frequencies and operating times that were put in place during the construction of PCH.

The team at TravelSmart Junction in E Block can assist staff with journey planning and provide advice on public transport or active commuting.

To contact TravelSmart with any questions please email:

Matthews Netball Centre– Corner Salvado Rd/Selby Street Jolimont. From Monday 1 October 2018, all day ticket parking ($1 per hour to a maximum of $5 per day) will be applied to the W105 car park (adjacent to Matthews Netball Centre) from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Four-hour parking restrictions are also being applied to the W100 car park (adjacent to the State Netball Centre and Wembley Oval); however ticket parking is not being applied to these bays.

Click here for a map showing these car parks.

Contact the Town of Cambridge with any questions regarding these car parks. Please observe the signage in place if parking in these locations.

Rosalie Park (public parking). Daily charges apply (approx. $10-$14) – within walking distance to QEIIMC.

Please note that rates and access to these car parks may be subject to change by local councils.

Carpooling and Green Commuting

Interested in carpooling to work at the QEII Medical Centre campus and seeking a buddy? Or want to find out more about Green Commuting?

Primary Carers

Primary Carers must submit a QEIIMC Primary Carer Statutory Declaration to the Parking Department to substantiate their primary carer status by emailing

On your Statutory Declaration, please state why you are a Primary Carer and explain how you provide primary care (in accordance with the definition listed adjacent). If the primary care is for children, please provide their full names and date of birth. If the primary care is for a person with a disability or a long-term health condition, please also provide a medical certificate from their GP outlining their condition and why they require primary care.

Medical Conditions

For staff seeking parking access to the QEII Medical Centre (QEIIMC) based on a medical condition or disability.

Click here for the Declaration Form for Staff Parking for Medical Reasons.

To be submitted as a variation to an existing staff parking permit or when submitting a new staff parking permit application.

Please submit completed forms to


A Staff member who –

  • In respect of a child or children under 16 years of age, has the greatest responsibility (usually the person who provides the greatest amount of care) for the child/children’s:
    • day-to-day care
    • welfare, and
    • development
  • In respect of a person with a disability or a long-term health condition who is not living in a respite or other care facility, who provides (and is likely to continue to provide for a further six months) the majority of assistance to the person with one or more of the following core activities:
    • day-to-day care
    • mobility
    • communication
  • Guidance Notes
    • Only one person can be a Primary Carer at a point in time.
    • If two or more individuals (e.g. parents) provide equal care to a child or person, then either individual can nominate as the Primary Carer, but only one person can be Primary Carer.
    • Day-to-day care includes feeding, dressing, bathing, handling medical appointments and other similar activities.
    • Welfare includes housing, well-being, transport, medical attention and other similar activities.
    • Mobility includes assistance with the relevant person’s day-to-day movements including transportation.
    • Development includes the intellectual, psychological and emotional growth that occur in a child up to the conclusion of adolescence.

A Statutory Declaration is to be submitted as a variation to an existing staff parking permit or when submitting a new staff parking permit application. Status of parking access will remain until QEIIMC Parking has approved and a notification has been sent. If not approved, access will not be changed.

  • Once an online application form has been submitted, it is electronically sent to the staff member’s Head of Department for approval or to be declined.
  • Once an application has been renewed and approved or declined, the form is returned electronically to the Parking Department to be processed.
  • If approved, a permit is assigned within 72 hours and staff will need to collect from the Wilson Parking Office in person. Proof of ID is required.
  • Staff will be notified via the email address provided in the application when their parking permit is available for collection.
  • The Wilson Parking Office is located on the ground floor of the Multi-Deck car park. The office hours for permit collection are 8:30am – 3:30pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. If the application is declined, the employee will be contacted by the Parking Department to explain the reasons for why the application was declined and will need to submit a new application form online with any corrections.

Staff Parking Rates

How do I pay for Parking?

You may pay for parking by credit card and also have the option to set up automatic transfers online. Accounts can be set up to automatically load a specified value when the balance reaches $25.00. You can also pay for parking with cash or eftpos at the kiosks located in Watling Walk and in the Convenience Store (ground floor Multi Deck Car Park).

Parking account enquiries, cancellations and refunds will be managed by the International Parking Group (IPG). Email:

Staff who have not been allocated parking during core business hours are not authorised to park in visitor car bays, even if visitor rates are paid. Visitor parking bays are provided for QEIIMC patients and visitors only. Infringement notices may be issued to staff vehicle’s noted in visitor designated bays and staff parking permits may be revoked.

Current Staff Parking Rates (as at July 01/07/2019):

Duration Peak Hours
(7am – 6.30pm)
Off Peak Hours *
Daily Rate $6.10 $4.58
0-15 mins Free Free
15 mins – 1 hour $0.87 $0.65
1 hour – 2 hours $1.74 $1.31
2 hours – 3 hours $2.61 $1.96
3 hours – 4 hours $3.49 $2.62
4 hours – 5 hours $4.36 $3.27
5 hours – 6 hours $5.23 $3.92
6 hours – 7 hours $6.10 $4.58
Over 7 hours $6.10 $4.58

* Off peak rates only apply if the full length of your stay falls within the off peak hours.

Please note that additional charges apply after 24 hours.

To cancel your account or request a refund, click here.

Staff Parking at QEIIMC 

These handy videos are to help staff familiarise themselves with the correct parking procedures at QEIIMC.

Using your E-Tag in the car park

Still have parking questions?

Find answers to many commonly asked questions in our FAQ.

Parking Department

Parking permits and infringement notices are managed by the QEIIMC Parking Department.

QEII Medical Centre Parking Branch,
‘R’ Block, Level 2, Verdun St,
Nedlands 6009

Wilson Parking

Wilson Parking manage the operation of the car parks on behalf of the International Parking Group (the owners of the Multi Deck Car Park) including the collection of parking fees, servicing of equipment and Multi Deck Car Park maintenance.

Ph: (08) 9388 2546 or 1300 726 702

International Parking Group (IPG)

IPG manages account queries, cancellations and refunds.



The Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (QEIIMC) is a smoke-free environment and aims to encourage healthier lifestyle choices for its visitors, patients, staff and the wider community who share the QEIIMC premises and facilities.


We wish to acknowledge the custodians of this land, the Wadjuk (Perth region) people of the Nyoongar nation and their Elders past, present and future. The QEIIMC acknowledges and respects their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.  All contents copyright Government Western Australia. All rights reserved.