General Parking FAQs

Where is the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre?

The 28-hectare Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (QEIIMC) is the largest medical centre in the southern hemisphere and globally recognised in health care, research and education. The QEIIMC campus hosts over 40 organisations including not-for-profit, public and private and is dedicated to facilitating the highest quality of health care, educating future generations of health professionals and conducting related scientific research

The QEIIMC is situated 4km from the Perth central business district:

Hospital Ave, Nedlands WA 6009

A map of the surrounding area and a map of the QEIIMC campus can be found here. 

Who manages the QEIIMC car parks?

The QEIIMC car parks are governed by a Public Private Partnership between the International Parking Group (IPG).

The QEIIMC Parking Department administer the issuing of new staff permits as well as enforcing the By-Laws on site. Wilson Parking are sub-contractors of IPG and manage the car park operations and maintenance of parking equipment on campus.

QEIIMC Parking Department

QEIIMC Parking Department
Opening hours: 8:00am – 3:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and public holidays)
Phone: 6457 1787 (8:00am – 3:00pm)


Phone: 1300 726 702 (24/7) or 9388 2546
Multi Deck on-site manager (8:00am – 5:00pm)



What are some of the Parking Regulations at the QEIIMC?

  • Please read and observe all parking and traffic direction signs once you arrive on campus. Failure to comply with the signed conditions is enforceable under the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (Delegated Site) By-Laws 1986.
  • Speed limits of 30km p/hr and lower apply across campus and signage must be followed at all times. Signage may indicate restrictions such as speed, duration, time of day, class or type of vehicle, method of parking, or authority to park in an area. Drivers must park within a marked bay at all times.
  • Parking permit holders must adhere to specific instructions regarding their parking location and level of access granted by the Parking Department.
  • The QEIIMC Trust does not accept liability for damage to vehicles or their contents while onsite.
  • The QEIIMC Trust, who manages parking allocations on the QEIIMC campus, does not endorse any QEIIMC staff member or tenant infringing local council By-Laws or soliciting services from private residents that may infringe local council By-Laws.

Where can visitors park?

The main car parks for visitors are:

  • The Multi Deck Car Park including Visitor Car Park 1.
  • Car Park 7.
  • The Cancer Centre Basement Car Park (between 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM).

A map of QEIIMC can be viewed by clicking here.

How are the parking parameters at QEIIMC set? How many bays are there?

The QEIIMC Trust has facilitated the increase in parking to the maximum allowable number of 5,350 parking bays across the QEIIIMC Reserve.

5,350 is the maximum number of bays allowed in accordance with the Western Australian Planning Commission’s (WAPC) cap on bay numbers for this site. These bays are made up of:

  • Maximum 4,000 staff bays
  • 1,200 visitor bays
  • 150 special purpose, short term and Accessibility bays

The WAPC has determined the 5,350 parking bay cap at QEIIMC in accordance with State Planning strategies and considerations, providing for accessible, sustainable roadways access into and away from the City of Perth precinct, given the current level of development. WAPC’s determination takes into consideration the current public transport options and looks toward an increase in public transport use in preference to single occupant vehicle use and avoid road saturation.

How are parking rates arrived at?

Parking rates at government hospital facilities are generally determined by their categorisation in accordance with the Metropolitan Access and Parking Strategy (MAPS). The MAPS establishes parking charges for metropolitan health sites. The MAPS is designed to address car parking at Perth metropolitan hospitals and takes into account hospitals’ accessibility in terms of public transport, walking and cycling.

Parking at the QEIIMC campus is subject to contractual arrangements put into place by the former government.

Wilson Parking advise that when visitors perform multiple car park entry and exits on a given day, boom- gated car parks, where possible, should be avoided in favour of Pay by Plate (non-boom-gated) car parks. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, Wilsons will issue refunds for any car parking fees paid in excess of the daily cap.

Visitor Parking Rates can be viewed here.

Staff Parking Rates can be viewed here.

Why are parking fees charged?

Whilst parking fees are set by the MAPS (for more information see ‘How are parking rates arrived at?’), at the QEIIMC, the private company International Parking Group (IPG) collects the revenue for parking in exchange for financing the design, build and operations of the Multi Deck Car Park. The Multi Deck Car Park will transfer back to the State in the future under the terms of the agreement between the State and IPG.

Parking fees are collected to assist with covering the costs of building, running and maintaining parking facilities. Fees revenue is also used to recover ongoing costs for items such as road surfacing and repair, line marking, gardens, cleaning, signs, lighting, security, cleaning and administration.

What subsidy options or concessions are available for visitors and patients parking at WA Public Hospitals?

Targeted subsidised parking schemes are in place at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Royal Perth Hospital, Fremantle Hospital, King Edward Memorial Hospital and Perth Children’s Hospital, assessed via the Social Work Departments of each respective hospital.

There are a number of eligibility criteria, including assessment of whether the patient is receiving certain ongoing treatment, consideration of financial difficulty and availability of other suitable transport options. It is important to note that promotion of the subsidised parking is targeted specifically to those who are potentially eligible, so as to not create false expectations.

Each hospital has its own discrete policy, criteria and budget for subsidised parking assessment. To find out more about parking arrangements including fees and charges please contact the respective hospital directly for further assistance and advice.

What security measures are in place in the QEIIMC car parks?

Wilson Parking provides 24 hour monitoring through CCTV in the Multi Deck Car Park and digital intercoms. Wilson Parking attendants are on site in the Multi Deck Car Park 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Services include monitoring the barrier gates and pay machines.

Outside the Multi Deck Car Park, staff members who have concerns for their safety may call NMHS Security on (08) 6457 2501 or (08) 6457 3860.

Parking FAQs for Staff at QEIIMC

Who can apply for parking?

For the purpose of the Parking Priority Policy, the term ‘staff’ refers to an employee of any QEIIMC tenant or sub tenant, who spends the majority of their rostered hours working at the QEIIMC. Please note the following:

Any staff member, regardless of their employer may apply for a parking permit. All parking applications will be assessed against the Priority Groups outlined in the Parking Priority Policy. The contract is between the user/applicant and International Parking Group, so the staff member must apply for parking themselves and the Terms and Conditions must be acknowledged and agreed upon by the applicant when applying for a permit or renewing an existing permit.

Approved applicants are subject to the QEIIMC Trust Parking Priority Policy.

Will I get parking?

All staff who apply for a parking permit will be issued a permit pack (on condition of approval by their Head of Department), however some applicants will have their access restricted e.g. ‘Weekend Only’ access.

Access to parking for QEIIMC staff is applied in a fair, equitable and transparent manner. The level of parking access assigned to your permit will be determined using the QEIIMC Trust Parking Priority Policy categories listed here.

Why was I was given ’Weekends Only’ access, when I work during the week, not on weekends?

Due to the parking bay cap determined by the Western Australian Planning Comission, the QEIIMC site can only allocate the use of 4000 car bays for staff. As a result, parking cannot be accommodated for all staff applicants across the site and as such parking is prioritised (as outlined in the Priority Parking Policy). Priority Group 3 permit holders have restricted parking which denotes as ‘Weekends Only’. This group would need to seek alternate methods of transport to and from the QEIIMC site. TravelSmart may be able to assist with alternative transport options.

What is a Primary Carer?

The definition of a Primary Carer can be found here.

If you are have been categorised in Priority Group 3 and you are a Primary Carer, you will need to provide additional supporting documentation to substantiate your claim.

A Statutory Declaration is to be submitted as a variation to an existing staff parking permit or when submitting a new staff parking permit application. Status of parking access will remain until QEIIMC Parking has approved and a notification has been sent. If not approved, access will not be changed.

Primary Carers of children are required to submit a completed Statutory Declaration form to the QEIIMC Parking Department and include the details of the number of children and their respective ages. Without this document, the claimant will remain in Priority Group 3.

Primary Carers of a person with a disability or a long-term health condition are also required to submit a letter from the patient’s doctor detailing the health conditions, living circumstances and the level of care required. Without this supporting document, the claimant will remain in Priority Group 3.

Is there accessible parking available to staff members with ACROD permits?

Yes, the QEIIMC has accessible parking bays available for staff with a valid ACROD permit. Staff with ACROD permits will need to apply for a parking permit. Once the staff member has a parking permit they will be advised by the QEIIMC Parking Department which accessible bays they can utilise. Please note having an ACROD permit does not give you free or discounted parking.

Are students entitled to onsite parking?

No. Students can only park at the staff parking rates if they are working an afternoon or a night shift, otherwise visitor rates will apply.

Are agency staff entitled to onsite parking?

No. There is no staff parking rate for agency staff (except for Nursewest). Please note all staff need to have a QEIIMC parking permit before they are able to receive parking at the staff rate.

Many hospital staff members are shift workers and public transport will not always be an option for us?

Staff working  regular rostered shifts that require them to start before 7:00am and/or finish after 6:30pm are in Priority Group 1 for parking and will have access to onsite parking. Staff members are encouraged to use public transport where it is available and appropriate.

Will there be reserved car parking for afternoon shift staff?

Yes, International Parking Group is required to reserve 300 bays across the QEIIMC car parks for the afternoon shift – shift change over. These bays are located on the first floor in the Multi Deck Car Park. Any staff member parking on Level 1 prior to 11:00 AM may be issued an infringement notice.

Will there be a reserved car park for on-call and night duty staff?

On-call or night duty staff members are in Priority Group 1 and will have access to parking for these shifts. The location of parking is most likely to be the Multi Deck Car Park as it is the closest car park to both SCGH and PCH. Staff are advised to check the permit envelope to see the level of access and where they can park.

I ride a scooter or a motorbike. Do I have to apply for a parking permit? Do I have to pay for parking?

At QEIIMC, parking is free for motorcycles and scooters. No permit or registration is needed but please ensure the motorcycle/scooter is parked in a designated motorcycle/scooter bay. Motorcycle/scooter parking is available in:

  • The Multi Deck Car Park;
  • Car Park 3;
  • Car Park 7; and
  • in a compound between B and C Blocks.

A map of campus can be viewed here.

I completed an online application form but still haven't received my E-Tag. What do I do?

  • When you press ‘Submit’ on your parking application form, you will receive a message confirming that your application has been successfully submitted. When your parking permit (RFID E-Tag) has been created and activated, you will receive an email confirming the parking permit is ready for collection from the Wilson Parking office located on the ground floor of the Multi Deck Car Park and the steps you need to follow to set up your parking account. Email notification must be presented upon collection.
  • You will not receive an email if you have not included an email address in your application form. If you want to check the progress of your application or the availability of your E-Tag, you can contact the QEIIMC Parking Department on (08) 6457 1787.
  • If you have applied for parking and have not had a response after 4 business days please contact the Parking Department to check the status of your application.

Can I get staff rates while I am waiting for my permit to be processed?

No. Your permit must be approved by your Head of Department and a permit must be collected in order to receive the staff rates. We recommend that new staff apply for a staff parking permit prior to their commencement date. Staff rates will not be issued before collection of permit under any circumstance. It remains the responsibility of the individual staff member to complete the Parking Permit Application process and collect their permit before they require parking. Refunds will not be issued for visitor rates paid prior to receiving a staff permit

What car parks can I use?

  • Each staff member is notified via email, mail or is instructed upon collection of their parking permit which car park they have been assigned to.
  • If you are unsure which car park you have access to you can contact the QEII Medical Centre Parking Department on (08) 6457 1787.
  • Access into a car park other than what has been assigned is prohibited (unless redirected by Wilson Parking or the QEIIMC Parking Department).
  • Staff attempting to park in areas other than their assigned allocation may be issued with an infringement notice and/or have their parking access terminated.

I am not happy with the parking access I have been allocated. What do I do?

Due to the restrictions that are in place across the QEIIMC site the Priority Parking Policy is the benchmark for all applications to be based on and as such there is no appeal system in place. The QEII Parking Department assess every parking application that has been approved by your Head of Department and assign parking access in accordance to the Priority Groups outlined in the Priority Parking Policy.

If you have completed your online application form incorrectly, you are welcome to re-submit a new online application. Ensure that you complete all questions truthfully and take special note to read any details or conditions that may appear in the application steps throughout the questionnaire.

If you are a Primary Carer, you will need to submit a Statutory Declaration form stating that you are the Primary Carer, who you are a Primary Carer for, respective ages and the nature of your care. NB: Status of parking access will remain until the Statutory Declaration has been assessed, approved and a notification has been sent to you with your updated parking allocation. If not approved, access will not be changed.

Regular audits are conducted by the QEIIMC Parking Department for existing parkers in attempt to apply fairness and equitability. If you know of any colleagues or staff members that you believe to have been issued everyday parking access that appears to be outside of the Policy, you can email the Parking Department and note your observations so they may be taken into consideration. Any information we receive will be treated as strictly confidential. Similarly, no information about the parker you are informing the Parking Department of will be issued to the enquirer.


What happens when I have ‘Weekends Only’ access but require my vehicle to travel between sites and attend offsite meetings?

Travelling off campus is not taken into consideration as part of the Parking Priority Policy and your parking access would remain the same. If your position requires you to travel between sites; transport will need to be arranged by your department e.g. use of available fleet vehicles or by a taxi voucher.

Can I park in a different car park to the one I have been assigned?

Staff can submit an email request to request a change in their parking access. The email should include your current parking location, the name of the carpark you wish to be moved to and reasoning for wanting to be relocated. The Parking Department will assess the availability and if there is no space available, the staff member will be placed on a waiting list.


What would happen if I attempted to park outside of my allocated access (days/time)?

It remains the responsibility of staff to be aware of the parking area that they have been assigned and park accordingly within the timeframes permitted. This information is found on the envelope of the permit upon collection and is also send in your permit notification. If you are unsure, please contact the Parking Department.

If staff attempt to park outside of permitted times or in areas not permitted, they will be directed out of the staff carpark by a Wilson Parking attendant via the intercom. Wilson Parking send notifications through to the QEIIMC Parking Department and subsequent warnings are issued to non-compliant staff parkers. Continual misuse will result in your permit being revoked indefinitely.

If a staff member is seen to be taking a visitors ticket, vehicle details are recorded and reported to the Parking Department. Penalties do apply and no tolerance is given.

Can staff use the visitor parking? How will you know if staff park in visitor parking?

It is not recommended that staff park in visitor bays as this affects the amount of staff bays we can have. For example, if more staff park as visitors, we will need to decrease staff parking capacity and increase visitor parking capacity.

If staff need to attend the QEIIMC site for personal reasons, they are required to pay the visitor parking fees and park in a ‘Pay by Plate’ car park and purchase a visitor ticket from a nearby pay station and clearly display a valid ticket on the dashboard.

Staff members who are granted a parking permit are issued an RFID tag for their vehicle. Staff members parking in visitor parking can be identified by the RFID tag on the staff member’s vehicle. Parking attendants monitor staff and visitor parking seven days a week. Infringements may apply for incorrect usage of a parking permit.

If I have a parking permit does it guarantee a parking bay?

No. Parking access is granted according to priority and the number of available bays. The number of people wishing to park onsite at any particular time may vary, and as such, a parking bay cannot be guaranteed. This is a condition outlined in the Parking Permit Application Terms and Conditions.

Any tips on parking at QEIIMC and using my E-Tag?

Instructional videos are available relating to staff parking and how to use E-Tags. You can view them here.

What is an RFID E-Tag?

A RFID E-Tag is a barcoded sticker containing RFID technology which is to be placed on your windscreen. The RFID will scan upon entry to the staff car park once your permit has been activated. Entry to the carpark is granted once the RFID has been scanned providing the permit is active, the account has a positive balance, and access to that area is permitted.

Please view our instructional videos relating to staff parking and correct use of a staff permit for more information. 

I am having trouble getting into the car park/ My E-Tag is not working. What should I do?

  • Make sure you are parking in your designated car park at the appropriate time(s).
  • Ensure you have sufficient funds on your account. Your account balance can be retrieved when using the Smart Parker kiosks, online or by contacting the Parking Department.
  • Have you removed your E-Tag from your windscreen? If yes: your E-Tag is damaged and you will need to purchase a replacement at the Wilson Parking office.

If all else fails please follow the below instructions:

  • On your driver’s side window, above the intercom button there is a screen.
  • On entry check that the screen says ‘Welcome to QEII’ and on exit check the screen says ‘Debt’, if the screen says anything else for example ‘Wrong Presence’ please press the intercom button and tell them what it says on the screen and ask them to fix it for you. This should help your E-Tag work again.
  • In a couple of days if the problem persists, please contact Wilson Parking and ask one of the Wilson attendants to check your E-Tag to see if it is faulty. If they confirm that your E-Tag is faulty ask them for a replacement E-Tag.

How do I display my E-Tag?

  • E-Tags should be displayed horizontally in the top left of the passenger side of the front windscreen.
  • If your vehicle has tinting on the windscreen, the E-Tag should be positioned below the tinting.
  • Once attached, do not reposition the E-Tag as this will damage the E-Tag and a replacement will need to be purchased from the Wilson Parking Office (located on the ground floor of the Multi-Deck) at a cost of $20.00.

I have lost my E-Tag. What do I do?

Replacement E-Tags can be purchased from the Wilson Parking Office (located on the ground floor of the Multi Deck Car Park) at a cost of $20.00.

I have lost my Transponder card. What do I do?

Replacement transponder cards can be obtained from the Wilson Parking Office located on the ground floor of the Multi Deck Car Park. Costs will apply.

Can I transfer my E-Tag between vehicles?

No, the E-Tag is non-transferable. You will need to purchase a secondary E-Tag which will be connected to a new Smart Parker account. Please note that only one E-Tag can be linked to a Smart Parker account.

I have a second vehicle but only have one E-Tag?

You can purchase a second E-Tag from the Wilson Parking Office (located on the ground floor of the Multi Deck) at a cost of $20.00. A new Smart Parker account will need to be set up for each additional E-Tag.

If I buy a new car do I need to purchase a new E-Tag?

E-Tags for new vehicles are free, please provide your new vehicle details and we will update your information. New E-Tags are issued on the spot in at the Wilson Parking Office between 8.30 AM and 3.30 PM, located on the ground floor of the Multi Deck Car Park.

My windscreen has been damaged. What do I do about my E-Tag?

You can get a replacement E-Tag from the Wilson Parking Office between 8.30 AM and 3.30 PM, located on the ground floor of the Multi Deck Car Park. New E-Tags are issued on the spot in the Wilson Parking Office and take approximately 10 minutes to activate.

Please ensure you take proof of windscreen replacement with you when requesting your replacement E-Tag, otherwise a fee of $20 may applicable.

How do I park with a different vehicle while my regular car is getting serviced?

Continue to park in your normal, assigned parking area. Upon entry and exit press the intercom button and tell the attendant your name, your E-Tag number and that you have an alternative vehicle. The attendant will open the boom gates for you. Please have your E-Tag number ready to tell the parking attendant.

If you are going to be using a temporary vehicle for longer than 2 weeks then the visit the Wilson Parking Office (between 8.30 AM and 3.30 PM, located on the ground floor of the Multi Deck Car Park) and you will be provided with a loan E-Tag. A declaration of use will need to be signed upon collection.

How do I pay for my parking?

The parking at QEIIMC is set up on a Pay As You Go system. Each user will be provided with a Smart Parker Card which will be used to add credit onto your parking account. You can pre-load funds using the Smart Parker kiosk machines or set up your account online. Refer to your original set up email from IPG Parking.

I have updated my credit card details but my account has not topped up?

Please contact the Parking Department by phone. A parking staff member may need to clear any failed credit card attempts from your previous auto top-ups. Your new credit card details will then register correctly.

I am having problems adding funds to my Smart Parker Card. Who can help?

Contact the Parking Department to ensure the account is set onto the appropriate method of payment.

Phone: (08) 6457 1787 (8:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday – Friday excluding Public Holidays)

What are the methods of payment?

There are currently two methods of payment for parking at the QEIIMC.


Using top up Kiosks which are located in the following areas:

  • G Block (opposite the Blue Lifts)
  • Watling Walk (outside the post office)
  • Multi-Deck (in the convenience store)


Using a credit/debit card online via the International Parking Group website. This allows for a one-off credit card payment or automated payments to be set up when your account becomes low.

  • Employees must ensure they have sufficient funds in their accounts. Employees with insufficient funds will not be able to access staff onsite parking areas and will need to pay visitor rates if they wish to park onsite. Infringement penalties may be issued if no ticket is displayed in a Pay by Plate parking area.

If I enter and leave the staff car park multiple times during the day, will I be charged for each transaction?

No. The maximum parking fee you will pay in any 24-hour period will be the daily staff rate. The clock will restart upon returned entry and it will charge you hourly. The system will automatically refund any differences charged over the capped rate. Please allow up to 3 business days for this refund to show up on your transaction history.

If I have to work extra time on my shift (e.g. double shift/more than 8 hours) can I stay in the car park and what will I pay?

Yes, you are able to stay parked in the car park for the duration of your shift. The maximum parking fee you will pay in any 24-hour period will be the capped daily staff rate.

I'm having trouble with a Smart Parker Kiosk. Any ideas?

The kiosk won’t take my money, what do I do?

If you have selected “add cash” and the machine is not accepting your note please examine the colour of the lights around the note reader;

If they are flashing green then everything should be okay, please try and carefully reinsert the note as the machine is sensitive to crumpled or damaged notes. Do not force your money in the machine or it will jam the machine.

How do I know if there is a note jam?

If you have already selected “add cash” and the lights around the note reader remain a solid red then there is likely a note jam. Please try one of the other machines and contact the Parking Department on (08) 6457 1787 to advise that the machines are not taking cash.

What do I do if I inserted money into the kiosk but the funds were not added to my account?

Send an email to International Parking Group at and advise them the amount of money you added, which kiosk it was at and the date and time you added the funds. Request the money be refunded back into your parking account.

Why does it say my card is not on the system when I swipe it at the kiosks?

Please make sure you are not scanning the Smart Parker card together with your staff ID badge as they may have the same frequency. If the problem is not resolved please contact the Parking Department on (08) 6457 1787 to ensure that your Smart Parker card is activated for the kiosks.

What is the process to cancel a parking permit?

How do I cancel my parking?

A refund form will need to be completed and sent to: The form can be obtained from the Parking Department by emailing: Any remaining balance on your Smart Parker account will be refunded to you and your E-Tag will be deactivated within 24 hours of your account cancellation.

Please note: if you cancel your parking, all parking rights are relinquished and this includes if you are on any wait lists.

Can I obtain a refund for unused credit on my account?

Yes, once the Parking Account Cancellation Form has been completed, any remaining unused credit will be refunded to your designated bank account or nominated credit card on the account if still valid.

Can you tell me more about TravelSmart initiatives like Green Commuting, Carpooling and Corporate Smartriders?

What is Green Commuter parking and how do I apply?

Green Commuter parking is an initiative to encourage staff to use alternative transport such as public transport, cycling or walking to work. It is only available to staff who work on a full-time basis and who live outside a 5km radius of the QEIIMC site. Green Commuter parking entitles you to onsite parking a maximum of 2 weekdays per week, plus weekends and public holidays. Please note Green Commuter parking is limited and subject to availability.

Please see the Green Commuter and Carpooling Parking Guidelines for more information, or the Parking Application section to apply for a Green Commuter parking permit.

PLEASE NOTE: There are currently restrictions on Green Commuter parking as we have reached capacity.

What requirements must I meet to become a carpooler?

Carpooling is when two or more people commute to QEIIMC together in one car every day. Individuals are not permitted to enter the car park on the days that their partner is absent, especially if one partner works part-time or is on a different shift roster. Alternative modes of transport will need to be used.

Click here to find out more, or to add your details to the carpooling register to try and find a buddy to carpool with.

If you already have a carpooling partner and understand the Terms and Conditions of carpooling then visit the Parking Department to enquire about receiving a carpooling permit.

I have a Corporate SmartRider, am I still eligible to get a parking permit?

Only in certain circumstances. You should read the guidelines in full here to check your eligibility and contact the Metropolitan Access and Parking Department with any further questions.

Where can I get information on public transport?

Visit the Transperth website where you can access a journey planner, public transport timetables and ticket information or call 13 62 13. Visit the TravelSmart Junction, E Block, Ground Floor, QEIIMC or contact them on (08) 6457 2927 / (08) 6457 4085, or email for further information and timetables.

Where can I go to escalate a query or get more help with parking?



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We wish to acknowledge the custodians of this land, the Wadjuk (Perth region) people of the Nyoongar nation and their Elders past, present and future. The QEIIMC acknowledges and respects their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.  All contents copyright Government Western Australia. All rights reserved.